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by  on February 13, 2015

Rescue Tape is perfect for Sportfishing!

Rescue Tape is ideal for many sportfishing applications, rigging, waterproofing electrical connections, hose and pipe repairs, wrapping around tool or toolbox handles, fishing rod handles for a nice tight grip, and all sorts of other uses!

Use it just once and you’ll think you’re the next MacGyver! Just stretch Rescue Tape, wrap it around any leaking pipe or hose a few times under tension and you’re RESCUED!

 "A roll of Rescue Tape saved me $30,000.
I am writing to tell you of my experience with your product Rescue Tape.
I own the tuna boat “Tamdalja” which fishes out of Mooloolaba and shortly after purchasing your tape and putting a roll on the vessel the skipper (who is my son, Jamie) rang to say that the refrigeration coils in the slurry tank had developed a leak. He was approximately 200 nautical miles from home at the time which is about 24 hours steaming. This problem would normally mean a return to port but we decided to try the RESCUE TAPE to see if we could keep the boat fishing. They pumped the salt water down to below the level of the leak and wrapped the refrigeration pipe with tape and then refilled the tank with sea water. The boat continued to fish and completed the trip with no problems in keeping the tank to minus 2 degrees. When the boat returned to port Richard from Chillskill Refrigeration repaired the pipe (it was a cracked flare at the join between the copper pipe and stainless steel pipe) and was amazed at the fact that the tape had worked so well and that we had lost so little gas we did not even have to top up the system after the repair.The end result was that a roll of tape saved me approximately $30,000 in costs and lost production."-
Many Thanks!
Greg K.
Mooloolaba, Australia

In seconds, it begins fusing to itself, creating a permanent air-tight, water-tight seal. Rescue Tape resists 500F, insulates 8,000 volts, and boasts an incredible 950PSI tensile strength.

We look forward to seeing you at the ICAST Sportfishing Show and show you our exciting demonstration!

"This is the one product every boat should have on it."
-Bob Bitchin’, Editor and Founder of Cruising Outpost Magazine


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