Rescue Tape is the highest-quality, strongest & fastest-fusing silicone tape available. It’s a breeze to use, here are our silicone tape instructions to help you get started.


Wrap Rescue Tape around object by stretching and overlapping onto itself. Stretch tape to at least double the surface area needed, to ensure a good bond; for high pressure leaks stretch to maximum amount. The tighter Rescue Tape is wrapped, the quicker and stronger the bond.


Continue wrapping Rescue Tape around object by overlapping 50% onto itself so that ½ the width is covered with the next wrap. The first and last wrap should completely overlap onto the previous wrap for a complete bond. Additional layers may be necessary; same process should be used over previous layers. Rescue Tape works on either side.


 Re-positioning Rescue Tape is only appropriate in the first few seconds after wrapping. Attempting to re-position Rescue Tape after 1 minute or longer is not recommended. Rescue Tape is not reusable; however, additional Rescue Tape can be applied over object at any time in the future.