Suggested Uses


From Emergency Repairs, Waterproofing, Electrical Wiring, Industrial and Home Use.

Rescue Tape can be used in Home & Garden, Auto, Marine, Aviation, Trucking, Plumbing, Farm, Broadcast, Industrial, and Military Applications!

Here are just some suggested uses for the World’s #1 Self-Fusing Silicone Tape!

Auto & Roadside

  • Emergency Radiator Hose Repair
  • Off-Road Fan Belt
  • Emergency O-Rings & Seals
  • Insulating Battery Terminals


Home & Garden

  • Fix a leak under the kitchen sink
  • Garden hose & pipe repair
  • Seal a leak on a vacuum hose
  • Weatherproofing electrical connections (holidays!)
  • Plumbing repair
  • Outdoor sprinkler repair
  • Sport grips & tool handles


Boating & Marine

  • Boat Rigging
  • Waterproofing electrical connections
  • Corrosion protection
  • Whipping the ends of rope & lines
  • Protecting chains
  • Wrapping turnbuckles or frayed lines


The Uses are Only Limited by your imagination!

Silicone Tape can be used for 1,000’s of applications. From emergency repairs to electrical wiring to waterproofing and even medical, silicone tape is truly an amazing product with a variety of uses. Here are just some of the many silicone tape uses in a behemoth list:

  • Emergency hose repair
  • Fixing a radiator hose
  • Sealing a vacuum hose
  • Wrap silicone tape around electrical connections to seal out moisture
  • Fix a leak under the kitchen sink with silicone tape
  • Use silicone tape to make an emergency silicone gasket
  • Wrap silicone tape around a bleeding injury on fingers, arms or legs.
  • Use silicone tape to create an emergency o-ring
  • Wrap silicone tape around stereo wires to neaten up your stereo cabinet
  • Fixing a leaking copper pipe with silicone tape
  • Wrap silicone tape on your steering wheel for a high-performance grip
  • Wrap silicone tape around cups and glassware to help disabled people grip their drink
  • Cover foam pipe insulation with silicone tape to make an air tight waterproof protective layer.
  • Wrap around your hunting bow grip for an amazing vibration reducing and non-slip grip
  • Use silicone tape for solar system installation – no sticky residue like regular electrical insulation tape
  • Fix a leak on a garden hose
  • Wrap on camera grips and tripods to make a protective non-slip grip that leaves no residue on expensive equipment
  • Fix leaky PVC pipes on household plumbing or sprinkler systems
  • Use as a baseball bat grip for better sports grip and less vibration
  • Keep in your earthquake preparedness kit for those unforeseen emergencies
  • Use on sailboats as rigging tape for turnbuckles and spreader boot covers
  • Tidy up wiring bundles by using silicone tape instead of electrical tape
  • Waterproof and seal outdoor electrical connections
  • Wrap silicone tape around auto wire harnesses and split looming for a durable factory look
  • Repair bilge hoses or sanitation hoses on boats
  • Make a temporary repair on a truck air hose
  • Wrap coax connections to reduce moisture and signal loss for CB’s and amateur radio antennae
  • Cover your favorite pen with a few layers of silicone tape for a comfortable grip that reduces writing fatigue
  • Make industrial repairs on commercial pipelines
  • Fix a steam leak on heating pipes
  • Cover your luggage handle with bright colored silicone tape for an easy-to-spot and comfortable grip
  • Wrap silicone tape on wire plug connections to prevent premature fraying at the connection
  • Cover parts with silicone tape before powder coating – then just cut away the silicone leaving no sticky residue
  • Wrap silicone tape on wire or wooden hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off onto the floor
  • Take a roll camping with you to fix tent poles and other camping gear
  • Use silicone tape on fish aquarium hoses above or below the water
  • Waterproof electrical connections near pools and hot tubs
  • Cover iron cookware handles for a non-slip grip that prevents you from burning your hands
  • And many, many more uses for silicone tape!