UL Listed Silicone Insulating Tape

by  on January 22, 2016 in General, Technical Specs & Certifications

UL Listed Insulating Silicone Tape may be a requirement in your specific industry or application, so we’ve gone ahead and had our entire Rescue Tape product line certified under the UL 510 Standard for Insulating Tape. Full details on Standard 510 can be seen here.

UL Listed Rescue Tape Product Profile – UL Online Certifications Directory

Rescue Tape UL OANZ.E332322

UL Certificate Snippet – UL Listed under File E332322

Since UL Listed products are updated continuously, UL also updates their online listings and certifications regularly – our silicone tape products are all individually certified and can be looked up directly here: UL Online Certifications Directory

Simply fill out the File Number, E332322 and it will pull up our HARBOR PRODUCTS INC profile with the entire Silicone Rescue Tape product line.

NOTE: UL Listed Products under UL Standard 510 Standard for Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene and Rubber Insulating Tape covers thermoplastic and rubber tapes for use as electrical insulation at not more than 600 V and at 80°C (176°F)..

By definition, the UL 510 Standard Testing does not specifically test for certain areas where our product excels, such as tensile strength, tear and bond strength, extreme weather and chemical resistance, elongation, hardness shore, water absorption and others. Along with the established UL Listed 510 Standard Certification Process, our entire line of Silicone Rescue Tape products underwent rigorous testing by a third-party independent laboratory, Imanna Laboratories, Rockledge FL. The UL 510 Standard also only certifies electrical insulation ‘up to’ 600 V, which our independent testing shows we not only pass, but exceed by over 1300%.

The UL 510 Standard is specifically intended for Insulating Tape, specifically Rubber insulating tapes. Rescue Tape meets and exceeds all UL 510 Standards & Specifications.

If you have any questions regarding our UL Listed products, RoHS Certification, ISO Certifications, EN Specifications or MIL-SPEC Compliance, feel free to Contact Us.